Action Center


Former Torrance Mayor Dee Hardison
"Debra is the tough, independent and smart leader that we need in Congress who has always fought for Torrance and the South Bay, I wholeheartedly support her candidacy. She is the most qualified candidate running and I urge the residents of Torrance to join me in voting for Debra Bowen on May 17."

Torrance Police Officers Association Board of Directors member Chuong Vo
"Debra has stood shoulder-to-shoulder with law enforcement and today we stand with her. When it comes to public safety, Debra is best prepared to fight for what we need to protect the public."

Al Sattler, Political Chair for the Palos Verdes-South Bay Regional Group of the Sierra Club
"After careful review and meeting with the candidates, it is without a doubt that Debra Bowen stands out on environmental protection issues more than any other candidate in this election. With Debra, we know we will have a strong advocate for the environment in Congress who will not back down from oil and gas special interests and will stand up for our clean air and water."

Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters Executive Secretary of the Regional Council Mike McCarron
"We support Debra Bowen for Congress because she has a solid record of fighting for policies that help workers and strengthens the middle class. We support her candidacy because she has the courage to stand up for what is right and we urge others to join us in supporting for Debra Bowen for Congress."

California League of Conservation Voters
"At a time when Congress is not only lacking environmental leadership but when the majority has become downright hostile towards any attempt to protect open spaces, improve public health, and protect clean air and water, Bowen will be a needed breath of fresh air in Washington."

Deborah Burger, Co-President of the California Nurses Association and National Nurses United
"Debra is a leader for high quality health care that is accessible for all. Patients can count on Debra Bowen to put the health care needs of our community ahead of the profit motives of the insurance industry.”

Equality California Interim Executive Director Jim Carroll
“Equality California PAC only endorses candidates who support full equality for the entire lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community, and Debra Bowen has a long track record of standing with our community when we’ve needed her most. We are confident that she will remain a vocal champion for equality in Congress and a committed leader that all Californians can count on.”

Congresswoman Judy Chu
"You know with Debra Bowen in this seat, you will have someone who will stand up to Wall Street. You know that she understands our coastline is a national treasure and she will do as much as she can to defend it. You know that she understands the value of education, and that we have to concentrate like a laser to make sure we get jobs in this district. And you know as Republicans attack a woman's right to chose, Debra will be there to stand up for us."

Laura Chick
"Debra Bowen knows what it takes to stand up to bureaucracy and the powerful special interests – and that kind of integrity and independence is exactly what we need in Congress."

Democracy for America
"Debra has been an outstanding Secretary of State and she'll make an outstanding Congresswoman for California's 36th District."

Blue America
"With expertise in…election reform and government transparency, along with her dedication to green energy, she is perfectly positioned to be a leader for us, for our time."

Local Leaders

Patty Bellasalma, President, California National Organization for Women (NOW)
Betsy Butler, State Assemblymember
Gene Barnett, Torrance City Council
Dr. Bill Blischke, Former Torrance Unified School Board Member
Dr. Don Brann, El Segundo Councilmember
Laura Chick, Former Los Angeles City Controller
Jeff Duclos, Hermosa Beach City Councilmember
Ruth Galanter, Former City Councilmember
Sheila Kuehl, Former State Senator
Howard Fishman, Hermosa Beach Mayor Pro Tem
Dean Francois, Former Beach Cities Democratic Club President
Dee Hardison, Former Torrance Mayor
Mel Levine, Former Congressman
Alan Lowenthal, State Senator
Catherine McCurdy, President, Hermosa Beach School Board
Ken Miller, Former Torrance Mayor
Maureen O'Donnell, Former Torrance City Councilmember
Fran Pavley, State Senator
Vanessa Poster, Board Member, Beach Cities Health District (affiliation for identification purposes only)
Terry Ragins, Torrance Unified School Board
Christine Sherrill, El Segundo School Board Member
Ray Waters, Hermosa Beach School Board
Jack Weiss, Former Los Angeles City Councilmember
Lance Wildman, Former Hermosa Beach City Councilmember and Former Hermosa Beach School Board Member
Ed Begley Jr., Environmentalist and Actor


Beach Cities Democratic Club
Blue America
California League of Conservation Voters
California Nurses Association/National Nurses United
Democracy for America
El Segundo Teachers Association
Equality California PAC
Latinos for America

Peace Officers Research Association of California
The Sierra Club
Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters
Torrance Police Officers Association

Citizen Endorsements

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Maribeth Ackerman, Lomita
Mariana Aguilar, Venice
Akmal Ahmed, Torrance
Lee An Lowe, Marina del Rey
Betty Arndt, Hermosa Beach
Robert Aronson, Venice
Gus Ayers, Former Mayor, Fountain Valley
Alan Bail, Los Angeles
David Barish, Marina del Rey
Christopher Barnes, Redondo Beach
Daryl Barnett, Venice
Carol Bauer, Torrance
Denise Berg, Los Angeles
Leslie Berg, Redondo Beach
Patti Berg, Former State Assemblymember
Michele Bignardi, San Pedro
Charles Bloomquist, Venice
Margaret Blue, San Pedro
Jan Book, Marina del Rey
Maureen Brady, Harbor City
Peter Burgis, Torrance
Ana Caballero, Former State Assemblymember
Kathryn Campbell, Redondo Beach
Nora Campos, State Assemblymember
Edward Cancino, Redondo Beach
Susan Carrington, Redondo Beach
Margaret Carter, Manhattan Beach
Paulette Caudill, El Segundo
Gil Cedillo, State Assemblymember
Wes Chesbro, State Assemblymember
Judy Chu, Congresswoman
Gail Church, El Segundo
Nancy Cobb, El Segundo
Cynthia Cohen, Manhattan Beach
Irma Cohen, Manhattan Beach
Alice Colacino, Redondo Beach
Maria Corvalan, Redondo Beach
Rosamond D'Orlac, San Pedro
Marc Danziger, Torrance
Peggy Daughtry, Hermosa Beach
David Dayen, Venice
J Travers Devine, Redondo Beach
Dayle Diamond, Los Angeles
Mark Drabkin, Redondo Beach
Kim Drobny, Los Angeles
Jeffrey Duclos, Hermosa Beach
Glen Eichenblatt, Hermosa Beach
Martha Escutia, Former State Senator
Michael W Evans, Los Angeles
Marta Evry, Venice
Howard Fishman, Hermosa Beach
Paul Fong, State Assemblymember
Bob Foster, Long Beach Mayor
Steve Freedman, Marina del Rey
David Freeman, Former Los Angeles Dept of Water and Power Exec.
Dario Frommer, Former California State Assembly Majority Leader
Cathleen Galgiani, State Assemblymember
Sandra Goldfarb, Los Angeles
Evelyn Granata, Lomita
Doris D. Griffin, Torrance
Janet Gunter, San Pedro
Loni Hancock, State Senator
Gulnaz Haq, Torrance
William Hory, Manhattan Beach
Scott Houston, El Segundo
Hannah-Beth Jackson, Former State Assemblymember
Manuel Katz, Venice
Robert Kelm, Venice
Tammy Khan, Redondo Beach
Ken King, Venice
David Kouchnerkavich, Redondo Beach
Jeanette Koustenis, Venice
Peter Landecker, Manhattan Beach
Leeaundra Keany (Fmr Leeaundra, Marina del Rey
Mark Leno, State Senator
Samuel Liu, Manhattan Beach
Timothy Loughran, Redondo Beach
Linda Lucks, Venice
Elizabeth Maldonado, Redondo Beach
Carl Maravilla, Redondo Beach
Jim Maslon, Marina del Rey
Laura Maslon, Marina del Rey
Glenda McCarthy, Redondo Beach
Robert McNeill, Marina del Rey
Joan Miner, Venice
Linda Nabokov, Playa del Rey
Barbara Nagy, Torrance
Dency Nelson, Hermosa Beach
Moira Nelson, Hermosa Beach
Alice Neuhauser, Manhattan Beach
Laurie Newman, Venice
Kristi Ninegar, Manhattan Beach
Stephen Odabashian, El Segundo
Elizabeth Odabashian, El Segundo
Robin Pereira, Los Angeles
Frances Pin, Marina del Rey
Arlene Pinzler, Redondo Beach
Michael Pliskin, Torrance
Doug Reed, Venice
Tom & Gerry Rische, Torrance
Miriam Rivas, Hermosa Beach
Laurette Robbins, Playa Vista
Randall Robinson, Torrance
Marc Saltzberg, Marina del Rey
Ken Schofield, El Segundo
Vinod Shankar, Redondo Beach
Joe Shaw, Huntington Beach Councilmember
James Sheldon, Torrance
Linda Sheldon, Torrance
Carol Simpson, Redondo Beach
Nancy Skinner, State Assemblymember
Lenore Snodey, Manhattan Beach
Mary Stewart, Wilmington
Ruth Strond, Manhattan Beach
Helen Thomson, Yolo County Supervisor, Former State Assemblymember
George Tucker, Redondo Beach
Catherine Vlasuk, Hermosa Beach
Carole Wagner Vallianos, Manhattan Beach
Roslyn Walker, Marina del Rey
Diane Wallace, Manhattan Beach
Raymond Waters, Hermosa Beach
April Wayland, Manhattan Beach
Burt Werbel, Marina del Rey
Lance Widman, Hermosa Beach
Bob Wieckowski, State Assemblymember
Mariko Yamada, State Assemblymember
Betty Yee, State Board of Equalization
Paula Zinnemann, Playa Vista
Steven Zucker, Manhattan Beach